Thursday, June 21, 2012

6x9 Versions going soon!

Power Play in 6x9 format will be gone soon!  If you want a first edition, buy it now.  Otherwise, I'm discontinuing them.

Also Love's Enduring Magic 6x9 will be gone soon.  Completely.  If you want a first edition, get it now.  This story and Friendships of Stone will be combined into the book, Tales of Rhillai.

The Second Edition of Power Play in 5x8 will be out soon!
ISBN: 978-1478100744


  1. To make way for the 5x8 versions. The 6x9 books don't stack well anywhere. If I remember right, 6x9 was the only option back then. Plus, those that have them, when I get famous, will have collectible versions on their hands. :)